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November 23rd: 4897 grafts / 10074 hairs with Dr. Rahal (1's - 739, 2's - 3139, 3's - 1019)

Non-Surgical Treatments:

Finasteride - 2002 -2008 (RIP)

Minoxidil - 2008 - now

My Hair Loss Story

Long time lurker.

I have always been somewhat aware in my late adolescence that the inevitable would happen but somehow managed to live with it.  All my uncles and cousins on my mother side are NW6-7 so MPB was inherited from my mother’s side with my hair characteristic being closest to her, medium blond/dark blond.  My father being blessed with thick full black hairs only gave me his body hair traits… too much of it!  

I always had a fairly big forehead (so does my mother and father).  In my early 20’s my hairline receded a bit I and I could see my hair was tinning but it did not affect too much the styling I had.  The middle section of my hairline was what seemed to go first giving me a W shape hairline by my mid 20’s with the temple digging in over time.  I started on Propecia for a few years in my late 20’s, it helped get some density back and I believe it did a good job stopping the progression of MPB in the temple and the crown.  A bit after my mid-30’s I stopped Propecia, the side effects annoyed me too much, water retention in the body/face making it appear as if you gained weight. I moved to Minoxidil not long after, I believed it also helped but was not as good as Propecia.   Now I feel I have reached the limit of my tolerance and somewhat feel trapped not being able to style my hair in any way I would consider OK.

Hair transplant was never part of the plan, the somewhat miserable results I saw wealthy stars/athletes in the 80’s and 90’s made me believe that if they had all the money in the world and could not get anything descent done… I was screwed on my budget!  It’s when I saw a segment in a consumer advocacy TV program discussing pros and cons of hair transplantation that I decided to go and research on the web how things progressed.  Being located in the Montreal area in Canada, I started to look for recommended doctors here including the one that had participated to the TV program.  I did not find much outside that the clinics in Montreal were not regarded very positively.  To this, I must say that since no one having a procedure done in Montreal seems to have posted their results or discuss their experience (I looked both French and English forums) and the fact that the medical association in my province seems to not allow medical practitioner to post results (even if patient consent) I somewhat gave up investigating local options.  To this, I’m not making any claims that doctors in Montreal are not good, but simply put, I could not make an inform decision from what I could find on the web.  This being said, not everything we see on the web is true either!

Obviously searching on forums, I studied the different options, reviewed 100’s of forum posts and pictures and decided to make a move.  Dr Rahal being in Ottawa and having many positive web testimonials I decided to send pictures over.

His office was quick to respond (Adrian), with what I would consider factual information about my case.  For the pictures I sent, an estimated 4000 grafts was first proposed.   I guess the first time you see the assessment, it strikes you.  I always thought I required less, but I guess I was ignoring the fact that I did loose allot already and most likely I’m a NW4 but was living in denial!  Wanting to get a more precise assessment and discuss hairline design, I schedule a meeting with Dr Rahal. 

Dr.Rahal took the time to look at my hair, cover my questions, explain the procedure and draw a hairline… I got a clearer assessment of my condition and what would be required to possibly reverse it, starting with a 4500 grafts provided my donor area delivers good yield.  I also had another medical glitch being diagnosed in the same timeframe and he was supportive of my condition when I asked for flexibility.   Having reviewed more closely cases that were similar to mine now that I accepted where I was coming from, I figured having 3000-3500 in the front would deliver a stellar hairline if everything went well and have the rest go in the crown.   Overall the face to face meeting allowed me to accept more the surgical path, something I was not growing easy into and furthermore, accepting that I most likely would need to go twice in my life If I really wanted to close the crown after… and possibly fix perceived imperfections since we are always our hardest critics! Heading back home, I decided I would go for it and book a session… in November 2010!

See you all on the other side!


What hair loss treatments have worked best for me?

Propecia worked well, hated the side effects