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Age: 43 | Bald Class: Bald Class 5

Surgery date - May 12th 2011, Grafts - 3500 grafts; 7507 hairs [crown]

Non-Surgical Treatments:

My Hair Loss Story

I first began noticing that my hair was thinning at around the age of 25 though there would have been thinning prior to that year. At 34 years of age, i believed that the time was ripe to make a change.  Standing under bright lights at clubs would make be feel uncomfortable, less confident and I took to wearing hats more and more often. I had indeed been taking proscar & minoxidil for 7 months prior to  the

consideration of having a hair transplant with Dr Rahal in August 2011.

I had never really considered hair transplants seriously as I had seen some examples of faulty procedures in the 90’s and this had left an indelible mark on my psyche. However, my quest to make a dramatic change in my life led me to research heavily into finding a capable surgeon that could create that impact [even if it is to a limited degree]. I did not want to kick myself in my declining years and mull about the fact that i had not taken the leap [or try] to have a hair transplant.

As such, I managed to find a few websites that contained really helpful information and utilised it to contact a few firms to see if I was a potential candidate for the procedure. Though it has been implied in many other blogs, i can't really stress the importance of doing your own research and not choosing a hair clinic based on PRICE, MARKETING PROWESS or LOCATION. In this regard, i focused on proven clients who are receptive to my inquiries and possess the photographs to back up their claims. My search narrowed to two firms in Canada that had great reputations and handled my inquiries in a professional manner. Both of these firms were very highly regarded on multiple hairloss websites but it ultimately came down to the individual surgeons and their artistic talent regarding density, hairlines and crowns.

After much consideration, i decided to proceed with Dr Rahal [Ottawa] and was not disappointed at the level of their customer service and, more importantly, after-care. Repeatedly, I came across people expressing high regard for Dr Rahal’s work in Ottawa. Multiple testimonials praising the hairlines and teamwork at the Rahal Hair Institute and my own personal long distance interaction with their team has proven this history to be factual.

I was treated so well from my initial enquiry right throught to the day i left to head home.

Truly a joy to have met Dr Rahal's team and consider the whole experience to be life-changing.

How has my hair loss affected me?

Distilled my confidence level and subconsciously prevented my from socializing with my friends and family.

Am I happy with my hair transplant experience and the results?

Hair transplant - May 2011; Perfect surgery and was treated professionally. I sat down with DR Rahal and he discussed various options and answered all my concerns. Every member of their staff went out of the way to make sure the operation went as smooth as possible.

Results - Ongoing...

My general advice and suggestions.

Ensure that the surgeon & clinic that you choose is able to answer your initial enquiries promptly & efficiently.  Their professionalism will indicate alot about their attitude towards their surgery and aftercare. Many companies that I touched upon refused to state their prices and thought that they were a cut above the rest.

The Rahal Hair Institute made me feel like family even before knowing who and what my situation was. Check the latest results of past recipients through hair loss websites and try to talk to as many past patients as you can.