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Procedure 1

Dr. Alexander



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Two hair transplants, first with Dr. Friedman for 2018 grafts.  The second with Dr. Alexander for about 1978 grafts.  Dr. Alexander threw in an extra 178 grafts!  He really is a great guy.  I really wish I would have gone with Dr. Alexander for my first hair restoration and not Dr. Friedman, but that's now water under the bridge.

Non-Surgical Treatments:

Finasteride, minoxidil 5%, herbs, vitamins, and Toppik.

My Hair Loss Story

This is a post of my second procedure.  If you want to see the progress of my first with Dr. Friedman, please see Nothing2Lose.  I chose to go with Dr. Alexander for my second procedure instead of Dr. Friedman for a few reasons.  First, Dr. Friedman couldn't guarantee me that he would take out the existing scar so most likely if I went back to him, I would have two scars - not acceptable; Dr. Alexander said and did take out the original scar.  Second, I needed to have the thin parts of my 1st transplant filled in but Dr. Freidman would only put grafts uniformly across my frontal area so I would again have the same problem after the second hair transplant - thinner area in the middle and right side front.  Dr. Alexander said he would fill in gaps and from the look of the transplanted area, Alexander did just that.  Third, I didn't like Dr. Friedman's after surgery care.  Fourth, I think Dr. Alexander is really hungry to be the best hair transplant surgeon in the country whereas Dr. Freidman has his dermatology side of his medical bussiness.  Fifth, in my opinion my results from Dr. Freidman were at best average - more like mediocre.  Lastly, I learned that having a lot of experience in the hair transplant business is not really a feather in a Doctor's cap; I learned that a good hair transplant is about having a physician that is an artist as well as a good surgeon and I believe that Dr. Alexander is an artist and a great surgeon.  Just like in every field, on a few people have extraordinary talent that shines above the others and I think Dr. Alexander has this talent.  Also, I now know that a doctor that is a veteran of the hair transplant industry has a handicap.

How has my hair loss affected me?

Loss of confidence at first but then came to terms with it.  Still didn't like looking in the mirror or having my picture taken,though.

What hair loss treatments have worked best for me?

Toppik, minoxidil 5%, and hair transplant with hair transplant by Dr. Alexander at the top of the list.

Am I happy with my hair transplant experience and the results?

My hair transplant experience with Dr. Alexander was superb and I mean top notch compared to my previous experience.  First, Dr. Alexander listened to what I wanted to accomplish.  I really felt like he was working for me and not that I was the patient and he was the doctor that knew best.  He and his staff are very professional and cordial.  I was still apprehensive before the procedure but Dr. Alexander put me at ease and I really thank him for this because I needed to have this second procedure.  I was also very, very impressed that he stayed for the entire procedure and was giving input to his staff when they were implanting the grafts, unlike my previous experience were I didn't see that doctor after he made the incisions and took out the last bit of donor tissue again.  This demonstrates to me that Dr. Alexander really cares about his patient's success.  His staff were also very accomodating to my needs during the procedure and were very receptive of what I wanted to accomplish during this procedure.  As far as the procedure itself, it was a breeze.  No pain or discomfort and it went by quickly.  Doctor Alexander took his time excising the donor tissue and making the incision in the recipient area, which again shows that he takes pride in his work.

What hair loss treatments would I recommend?

Hair transplant by Dr. Alexander, minoxidil 5%, and Toppik

How has hair restoration surgery changed my life?

I'm very, very satisfied with my procedure done by Dr. Alexander. So much so that I'm thinking of doing another procedure with Dr. Alexander just to reinforce behind the wonderful hair line that he created.  I don't think (dwell) on my hair anymore and I have more confidence.  I now don't dread having my picture taken and I like to look in the mirror again.

My general advice and suggestions.

Wait for your hair loss to stabilize as much as possible and be secure with yourself before you have the procedure done.  Like everyone says, do your homework and make sure you get an impecable surgeon.  Hair transplant surgery requires and artistic eye as well as the mechanics of good surgery technique.  Most importantely, DO NOT have a hair transplant surgery from a doctor who has lots of years experience in the hair transplant industry, offers a discount for any reason, is cheap, or does other medical procedures besides HR (like cosmetic dermatology).  A doctor who is a hair transplant veteran was trained in the brutal hair flap surgery and hair plug procedure - an old dog can't learn new tricks so stay away from the 30 year veteran doctors.