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My wife and I went in  to have some consultations in august of 2011 to see what  different doctors had to offer.  I took my wife everytime I went so there would be no misunderstanding, as this was a big investment for me.  We first went to the big  advertised company Bosley and was told I needed 1000 grafts.   So I wanted to check around I  have read good things about  Dr Scott Alexander so I went for a consultation on August 15th, 2011.   Dr Alexander seemed very knowledgable, he said to make my hair full it would take 2500-2600 grafs  in 1 session  as I told him I  would only want to do one session and I  wanted it full.   If it was not possible I would just leave my hair the way it was.   He said 2500-2600 grafts would make it look very nice.   So at that time we decided to go with Dr Scott Alexander.   I gave him a $1000 deposit and set the appointment for August 17, 2011.   So on August 17th, 2011 my wife and I went in to see Dr Alexander  and staff.   The all day  procedure went very smooth as Dr Alexander and staff where very friendly.  Went home very sore but I dealt with it,  as long as my hair would look as I was told.   Fast forward 6 months I sent the doc pics to update him as it looked very patchy and very thin.   He said it looked on par for only 6 months now it has been 12 months  and my hair is still very very thin and not manageable.   I have to take other hair and comb over the very  thin hair.   The hairline he drew turned out to be fine but the rest of it is very thin.  My wife and I are very unhappy at this point.   The scar in the back has healed up well and any shock loss has corrected itself.  If i would have know this would be the results I never would have had a hair transplant,  as i told the doc from the beginning.  If I could not get good results with one procedure I would not want to go through with it.  Dr Scott Alexander and staff have been very pleasant up to this point.   I go in for my 1 year check up next week so I will update this as to what the doc  does to fix/correct  the problem  and make good by his word. 

My Hair Loss Story

Hi  my hair started receding in my early 30s.  Now in my late 30s  I figured it would happen as I have 6 uncles and they all have a front receding hair line.  They all pretty much look like they have a very high hair line and are all in there 50s or 60s now,  so it looked like I was on my way to the same hairline.   My hair pretty much went from one temple straight across the top  to the other temple.