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Jerry - AKA - topcatt

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Only one session after the inital consultation, I had Dr Alexander, the attending surgeon, do the procedure with 3-4 thousand grafts.  He is  very personal and easy to converse with.  Great bedside manners along with his highly competent and efficient staff.

The outcome was awesome after 6 months and now after a year, I have to visit the salon a lot more often because my hair is growing yet and is nearly fully filled in.  Great job with a 5***** review.   

Non-Surgical Treatments:

Propecia and Finasteride.  Still taking Finasteride in 5mg quartered, on a daily basis.  Recommended by Dr. Alexander.

My Hair Loss Story

Being genetically challenged after 40, I started balding on the back portion of the head and my hairline started receding noticeably.  I used all kind of hair prescriptions that slowed the process but I was fighting a hair loss battle.  I finally decided on Dr. Scott Alexander after having done much research.  I'm delighted I did.