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Procedure 1 Rating: Excellent


3202 Grafts by Dr. Devroye



Age: 36 | Bald Class: Bald Class 3 Email Me

After about 2 years of thoughts, reflections and consultations with various doctors, I finally decided to undertake a FUT (strip) procedure with Dr. Jean Devroye and his team in Brussels, Belgium.

On February 29th 2016, 3202 grafts or 6698 hair were transplanted from my donor area to my receiving area, starting from the redefinition of my hairline back to about 2/3rd on the top of my head.

The session (from the pre-op consultation to the end of the transplant) lasted about 7 hours and went very well.

Non-Surgical Treatments:

Since my early 20's, I did my best to slow down the (inevitable) process and used alternatively Minoxidil and Chribro-Proscar (Finasteride), combined with seasonal use of vitamins tablets to help my hair resist better to spring and fall times

My Hair Loss Story

I started noticing hair loss around the early age of 16. As I shove my head (1 cm) during a summer holiday, I remember noticing a lower than normal density on the forehead. At about 18, my golfs were getting bigger and my front line was progressively moving backwards and loosing definition.

Thanks to my patience and regular use of "non-surgical treatments", I have managed to slow things down quite well I believe and it's only now, at the age of 33, that I decided to move to the next step and get a hair transplant.