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Procedure 1 Rating: Excellent

4548 Grafts by Dr. Pathomvanich

Alan Beresford B'Stard

Alan Beresford B'Stard

Age: 41 | Bald Class: Bald Class 4 Email Me

1 FUT session
4548 grafts
Dr Path

Non-Surgical Treatments:

Various herbal lotions; minoxidil, propecia for a short period.

My Hair Loss Story

I always had thick hair, albeit with a high hairline. My hairline began to move slightly at age 26-27 but my hair remained thick until about 29, when it began to slowly recede and thin in the front. After a few years, as my hairline continued to recede, the thinning also spread towards the top and to my crown. By age 38, I had progressed to a Norwood 5.

First, I tried various herbal remedies, then I progressed to monoxidil and, finally, to finasteride for a very short period. But, perhaps only psychosomatically, I experienced side effects from finasteride, therefore I stopped using it.

I have also used various concealers, such as Dermatch and fibres, of which I have become increasingly dependent on. This dependence has, unfortunately, limited my use of topical lotions (particularly Minoxidil), because I have spent increasing amounts of time in front of the mirror; all the while becoming more aware that my life was passing me by.

I have expended far too much energy and effort on trying to battle and hide my hair loss, so I decided to undergo a hair transplant. Years of casual research followed, with about 4-5 months of intensive investigation to locate a good doctor. This website was infinitely helpful in that quest, and (partly because I live in Australia and could not find conclusive evidence that are any good doctors here), led me to Dr Path in Bangkok.

The above photo was taken a few months before my procedure.