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Procedure 1

Dr. Alexander



Age: 57 | Bald Class: Bald Class 5a Email Me

I will be having hair restoration surgery on Jan 3, 2008 to have approx 3000 grafts put in with Dr Alexander.  I will post before and after pictures soon.

It is now Jan 4 the day after surgery and everything is going well. I don't think I will need pain pills tonight to sleep and have only had Tylenol so far today. I did take 2 pain killers to sleep last night. I only had discomfort in the back where I had the stiches. The top of my head did not hurt at all. I had 639 one hairs, 2258 two hairs and 94 three hairs for a total of 2991 grafts. Everything went smooth and the surgery was a lot easier then I ever imagined. The shots like everyones says is like going to the dentist. You just have more of them. If you haven't had surgery yet don't panic. The day is pretty much painless and I even dozed off and watched 3 movies during the procedure. Dr Alexander was great as well as his staff.

It is now Jan 7, the 4th day after my surgery. I have needed pain killers to sleep at night because of the stiched up area hurting while laying on it. During the day I maybe take a couple of tylenol but I really don't need them. I have had some swelling that started on my forehead and keeps moving down my face. It is now under my eyes and on the sides of my face. Everyday it seems to keep going down. It does not hurt at all. All in all I am very pleased so far.

Non-Surgical Treatments:

Have been a hair club member for many years and got tired of wearing a system. I want to be able to wash my whole scalp and get normal haircuts again.

My Hair Loss Story

Started losing my hair in my late 20's and have been bummed out since.

How has my hair loss affected me?

Even after wearing a hair system I was always wondering if people could tell. Sometimes it looked great and other times it didn't

Am I happy with my hair transplant experience and the results?

I can't answer about results yet but I can tell you the hair transplant surgery is pretty painless. a couple of the shots stung a little bit but nothing to worry about. I was a little sore the first night and took two pain pills. The next morning was better and only needed tylenol during the day. I felt good enough to leave the house but didn't.

I will be going for a second surgery in about a year for the back of my head.

What hair loss treatments would I recommend?

definitly hair transplant surgery if you can afford it. I was a hair club member for over 15 years and was still always wondering if people knew I was wearing a hair system. I may still wear it untill my new hair comes in but after that I am tossing it away for ever.