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Procedure 1
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1st procedure done Nov 2006 by Dr Cohen - He did an ok job. I did not have this network available to me or I would have selected a different Doc for the 1st procedure. He was not the most thorough of docs sort of care free but decent. I was concerned after the 1 surgery b/c I did not see any growth until month 8. But it came in nicely and for 1500 grafts it covered a majority of my head. When I went to see Dr Feller for a second procedure he was quite surprised by the significant coverage 1,500 grafts did for a 5a person. He said a lot had to do my the thickness of my hair and how it was styled.
2nd Procedure Jan 2008 - Performed by Dr. Feller, interesting guy, has great posts on this web site in terms of satisifed patients. Would have went for H&W but felt Feller was probably a top 5 doc from the posts on this web site and the distance was only a couple hours so that had a big play in my decision making. I had 3,200 grafts by Feller and the procedure went from 8.00 am until 4.00pm. There were a total of 5-6 techs, 2 were inserting grafts, one was dropping saline while the two techs placed grafts and the other two techs were dissecting grafts under the microscope. From reading many posts on this web site of HT patients who had around 3,200 done I am wondering how Feller was able to complete this somewhat of a large session in such a short period of time? Am I not suggesting he did not do 3,200 grafts I am just trying to understand the time parameters given all the other blogs I have read. Overall Dr. F did a nice job, but time will really tell if Dr feller's procedure was a success. I define success by having at least 90% of the grafts he planted come in. Very little pain post op with minimal redness compared to my first surgery with Dr. Cohen.
From the looks of things I should have had at least another 3 hours of surgery. I read Bushy's blog and he went from 7.40am until 8.15pm and he had 3,500 grafts done. He shared with me he had approx more techs (7-8) while I had approx 5-6. He had a 40 minute lunch break while I went the distance with no lunch and two animal crackers. They pushed and pushed me thru the surgery with only 2 quick bathroom breaks. Once I was done they ordered me a sandwhich in which I ate at approx 4.15pm.

Non-Surgical Treatments:

propecia msm 1500mg graftcyte shampoo.

My Hair Loss Story

Started loosing my hair around age 22 was significantly slowed due to the use of propecia. Never considered an HT until I found out two friends had the procedure done with great results. The rest of the story is similar to many of the posts on the web site so I prefer not to bore anyone with small details.

How has my hair loss affected me?

I was sort of ok with it, I am a confident person to begin with but having more hair always helps boost confidence.

What hair loss treatments have worked best for me?

Propecia until the HT I recieved

Am I happy with my hair transplant experience and the results?

overall, yes but the 2nd HT is yet to early to see the results, hoping for the best considering I had a very good doc in Feller from what this web site says.

What hair loss treatments would I recommend?

HT, Propecia but concerned about the long term effects of Propecia, I assume get off of it as soon as you can once the HT's ar done.

How has hair restoration surgery changed my life?

More confidence

My general advice and suggestions.

Read, read, read, don't be afraid to travel.