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My Hair Loss Story

Ever since I began to go bald, I’ve felt powerless and I’ve been frustrated. Over the years, the bald spot grew and I began to look older. I despaired. I began to neglect my appearance and I gained weight. In the end I looked terrible. Then, after a talk with a friend, I realized that I could have a hair transplant and get a natural and attractive look. I studied the topic thoroughly and understood that today there are methods and doctors  that can completely change the look of a bald person.From that moment I thought about hair transplant every day and I dreamed of the moment I would once again have hair and how I would look with hair.I did not stop thinking about it until I fulfilled my dream and had a hair transplant. After I had a hair transplant and the hair began to grow, I began to feel the desire to invest in my appearance. I lost weight and reached how I am today.