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Procedure 1 Rating: Excellent


1501 Grafts by Dr. Shapiro

Procedure 2 Rating: Excellent


1031 Grafts by Dr. Rahal



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Because of the amazing results and support on the Hair Transplant Network, I decided to pursue

corrective FUE surgery.  I am an actor and can't afford to have a

permanent visable scar on my head.  I went through quite a bit of due

diligence and had online consults with approximately 15 surgeons (most

of them are recomended on HTN).  After the exhaustive search, almost all

the arrows pointed me in the direction of Shapiro Medical Group.

My determining factors were: FUE Experience and Positive Referals,

Price, Customer Service (Matt Zupan), Graft count estimate.  I had some

doctors as high as 2500 and others as low as 800.  I conservatively

believed that I would be somewhere on or near the 1,500 mark.  SMG quoted between 1,200-1,600 hairs.  Distance was never a determining factor in my choice.

My surgery was a two day FUE surgery on Dec 19 & 20, 2011.

I was very fortunate, almost all of the my donor sites were 2s, 3s & 4s.  I had a handful of 5s!  About 40 were 1s.  This will leave me with a lot of opportunity for further corrective work down the line.

My graft count was as follows:

1 hair grafts = 586

2 hair grafts = 693

3 hair grafts = 222

Total hair grafts = 1,501 (Spot on with my approximation).  Which came out to 2,638 hairs!

Non-Surgical Treatments:

I initially tried proscar on my doctor's recommendation.  After buying a pill cutter and dividing the tablets into 5ths.  I tried using them once a day for one month.  Within two weeks of beginning this pharmaceutical I began losing my morning erection.  I stopped using it.

A second attempt at using the drug was made approximately a year later with the exact same results. 

I have switched to adding Saw Palmetto & Vitamin B Complex.  I shampoo with Nizoral about twice a week.  In about a month I will begin using Rogaine Foam 5% solution.

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My Hairline began receding about five years ago.


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