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FUT with Dr. Rahal on October 10, 2013 (3774 Grafts totaling close to 7000 hairs)

Non-Surgical Treatments:

Some Rogaine use

My Hair Loss Story

I have been slowly losing hair in both the crown and front part of my head for about 10 years now.  I have always been able to cover it up for the most part with certain styles and products (Xfusion keratin fibers).  I tried Rogaine but saw very little results.  I have never tried and am not sure I will ever use finasteride due to the possibility of certain side effects.   

After several years researching extensively, I decided to go ahead and get FUT surgery done.  I am creating this website as a tool for others who are considering having surgery, since the people that have posted in these forums have had such a tremendous influence on my decisions.  I would like to thank all the posters who take the time to upload photos and share their stories.  Only people like us know how devastating hairloss can be, and people like you make the journey a whole lot easier.

 3774 Graft FUT with Dr. Rahal, October 10, 2013

As I mentioned before, I had been researching surgeons for a long long time.  What ultimately led me to my decision to choose Dr. Rahal was a combination of the posts on this forum, blogs on his website, and my two consultations with him in Ottawa.  I am now seven days post-op and can safely say that i am incredibly satisfied with my decision so far. I know there is a long way to go, but so far soo good.

The surgery was pretty much what i had expected going in.  After having read so much beforehand from many of his patients, I was quite comfortable and relaxed and ready to get it over with.  The most uncomfortable part of the entire process was a couple of the numbing shots just above the eyebrows. I have a pretty high pain tolerance but even for me these were not much fun at all.  They are very quick however, and are over before you know it.  I had decided to only cut my hair down to about a #3, but I think that in the next couple weeks I am going to buzz everything the same length. You will be able to see this from my photos.  During the whole strip removal process, you really cannot feel anything.  The entire process of strip removal and suturing took about 30 minutes.  After this, there is a little bit of down time while they are seperating the individual grafts.  

Once Dr. Rahal felt it was time to go, he numbed me up and began designing my new head of hair.  I was reclined way back in a chair, quite comfortable, while he poked my head countless times strategically.  As many have said before me, he is a true artist in this craft and you can tell the moment you walk in the door.

Once the grafts were ready, I was reclined again told that I could choose to watch a movie or just lay there with music on.  After a little while I chose a movie, laid back and relaxed while the rest of the team went to work placing 3774 grafts in my head.  It took a few hours to complete, and by the end my neck was sore but I wasnt in any pain.  I was extremely tired, but very excited to have the procedure behind me.  We took some more photos and one of Dr. Rahal's employees gave me a ride back to the Brookline Guest house (Which is an amazing place to stay and I will cover this in more detail later).


The night of the surgery was a bit rough, but nothing unbearable.  Im also sure that it varies from patient to patient on how uncoforable it will be.  I had quite a lot of pain and tightness in the scar area so I took some pain meds that I was given and tried to sleep.  This may sound weird to some people, but the thing that helped me the most when I could not sleep was taking a regular 16 oz bottle of water out of the fridge and putting it behind my neck.  It was incredible and  I fell asleep within 30 minutes after doing that...dont ask me why.

The next few days were rough due to the fact that my face swelled up like a balloon.  I looked like an alien with black eyes.  After the third day though, the swelling starts to go down and you will look normal again, but with a much better looking hairline!

The Result so far

Like I said before, I know there is a long way to go.  However, I am very happy with everything so far. We originally were lookinig for about 3500 grafts, and ended up getting 3774. I was also told that I still have at least 2500 more grafts if I might need work on my crown in the future.  I had always had a very high hairline, and can honestly say that the one I got last week is actually lower than the one I had 10 years ago, and I am very happy about that.  I also have not had temple points in many years, and I look forward to seeing how they will help to frame my face.

This is as much as I could write today but will continue to update as much as I can. Please feel free to ask me any questions on the forums or privately.

Am I happy with my hair transplant experience and the results?

Extremely satisfied so far.

My general advice and suggestions.

Do plenty of research, ask tons of questions. This is a very big decision and should be treated as such.