Hair Transplant Info

Procedure 1

Dr. Feller



Bald Class: Bald Class 2a Email Me

Hospital Group Oct 2007: 1000 grafts(i question the amount received), strip: 1 session

Aesthetic Beauty Centre Jan 2009: 500 grafts, strip: 1 session

Dr Feller Feller Medical Sept 2010: 1000 grafts

Non-Surgical Treatments:

Fin : 2.5 years

Minox: discontinued after 6 months

MSM: 2 tablets per day

Multi vitamin: 1 tablet per day

My Hair Loss Story

I started noticing that I was thinning in my mid 20s. I started thinning at the temples only. I can remember sitting in the chair at the barbers and thinking, 'Crikey, my hair line isn't good!'....

I started doing some research and ended up starting a course of Nourkin which I stayed on for about 18 months before realising that it was a complete waste of money and I was no further forward. I also used a whole range of shampoos and conditioners but without any success.

I then made a massive mistake, my first big mistake. Instead of going down the traditional route with meds, I got sucked in by some ridiculous sales garbage and ended up getting a HT (strip) with the Hospital Group. The end result was poor and my hairline looked strange, stalky and completely unnatural. This was the turning point in my hair loss fight and effected my confidence badly, and a trigger point in changing my personality and general out look in life. Loss of self esteem, confidence, motivation are just a hand full of emotions that started to kick in.

I then made another mistake... yes another mistake.... why? Simply because my hair line looked terrible and I needed some urgent remedy. My happy go lucky outlook was all but gone and I was starting to feel depressed and very self conscious. I tried to engage with the Hospital Group with a view for them to perhaps do a correctional procedure but without going into too much depth here I hit a brick wall and lost confidence in them.

In desperation therefore I went for my second strip procedure with a company pretty much unheard of. I had been on Propecia for a few  months prior to the procedure (on the advice of the Doc). They were local and cheap I saw some pics that I was in fact happy with. It goes without saying that my research was not robust enough and the result reflected that. The initial result was actually quite impressive but it did not stand the test of time and I also ended up with various minor skin irritations in my hair line and ingrowing hairs. My hair line by now looked horrendus.

About 2 1/2 years ago, straight after my second HT, I joined the Belgravia Centre as I had decided that meds was now the way forward for me. At this time my hair loss was just restricted to my hair line and 1- 1.5 cms behind it. The rest of my hair was in crackin' shape still. I continued on a course of Propecia as well as using their special minoxidil in the hair line. After sticking with minox for 6 months I stopped using it because it was doing absolutely nothing for my hair line and it was irritating the skin. The Belgravia Centre, although a god send for some people, did not work for me. I was with them for a year and it felt like a business arrangement than anything else. I never felt comfortable and in good hands.

I continued the propecia and did more research...... I have now been on propecia for 2.5 years. Propecia has not benefited my hair line whatsoever. It has not maintained it and it continues to weaken.

I then found Spex and in fairness he seemed like the answer to all my prayers. I did things properly this time and took a leaf from his own book.... 'research research research'...... I got stuck into the forums and scrutinised many many pics and testimonials etc. I met up with Spex a couple of months later and we had a consultation in which Spex gave me some reassurance and inspired me with confidence. He made my mind up there and then that FUE was the way forward with Dr Feller...... A massive decision but coupled with the research I had done together  with his advice and success story I felt like I was making the right decision... An informed decision... An educated decision.

I had my third hair transplant surgery with Dr Feller in NYC in Sept 2010; 1000 FUE to the hair line. I am now almost at the 9.5 month stage. I will post the pics (when I get a grip of the technology!!!)  Spex said that I need to be doubley patient due to previous scar tissue.  The result so far is poor. The hair line is very sparse and awkward looking and does not stand up to scrutiny under any lighting condition at present. Unless I get a big surge in new hairs through the scalp, which is unlikely at this stage, the density will still be a big issue even if some new hairs do appear and those already present mature significantly. I must wait for at least the 12 month before I make a very informed evaluation of my result. The fact that Dr Feller is one of the best in the business and that  he and Spex have an excellent reputation for backing their customers, i am still very hopeful.