Riddick's - Profile page MONTH 1

Posted :1/8/2014

Four weeks after my procedure, transplanted hairs are shedding as normal.
There is still quite a bit of the transplanted hair still attached, along with the growth of my existing hair.
There appears to be a noticable level of shock loss of the existing hair near the crown. The difference can be seen from the overhead 2 week and 4 week pictures. 
The donor area has healed nicely, although it's still visibly red. I've been told it'll be around for 2-3 months post-op. One issue though is that the scar line can be seen as a darker shade of black, compared to the surrounding area. I'm hoping to grow the hair out a little more, and then have the area trimmed to the same level. Also, when running my finger along the donor scar, I can feel a valley, particularly along the right side.