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Posted :2/5/2014

The last four weeks have been painfully long. Wearing a hat to work since the HT has not been fun. The hair along the scar is noticeably darker than the
rest of the head, even though the scar had healed and is only slightly
reddish in appearance. It's hard to tell from the attached picture
because the lighting is bright. So at week 5, I attempted to trim the
back and sides of my head in order to even out the hair. Using a #3, I
started trimming, and in my desperate attempt to get the darker outline
along the scar to disappear, I managed to get down to a #1.
Unfortunately, the line was still visible and the last 5 weeks of growth
literally went down the drain.

It looks like I'll be wearing the hat for a few more weeks.

The recipient area has become increasingly itchy, due to the hairs
starting to push through. I've had a few pimples, but they've
disappeared fairly quickly.

I'm experiencing significant shock loss, mainly in the crown and the area surrounding right side of the donor scar.

month 2 -

month 2 -