TheUntouchables's - Profile page 5 months after operation

Posted :3/9/2014

Hey guys and thanks alot for your comments. I really appreciate hearing your opinion on this hair growth. So, it's time for the montly update. Today I hit the 5 month mark, and here are the photos. I got a new haircut that I wouldn't have been able to have since high school, and that is all due to the new hair. It's still a bit thinner in the right side, but I'm hoping that it will even out when the 12 month mark is hit, and as it is now, it's already life-changing for me, due to the fact that I now have had that new haircut which I'd never been able to get without the HT. The hairline is getting more and more full and natural looking also. Scar is almost invisible. Looking forward to next month. Loving it!