Abedogg's - Profile page 5-Years-Post-Op!

Posted :4/28/2014

Hey Guys,

I stopped posted at about 8 months. I always hated it when users dissapeared after about a year. But when you stop thinking about your hairloss on a daily basis (although I still think about my hair daily), it's hard to make an effort to take pics and post.

With that said, I've attached some updated photos that I took this morning. 5 years later.

Everything is good overall. I'm happy I had the transplant. Is it perfect? No. But I'm ok with it. If I had a ton of money, i'd go in for a touch-up but I'm not all that motivated currently. I guess, I'm pretty happy with it.

The bad part is that the right side never got thicker. The hairs on the sides of my head tend to grow straight out and much faster and thicker than the hairs behind them. So I regularly trim them back. The right side of my head now has a glaring bald spot. I don't think Umar should have taken hair from this area as it was already thin. I put DermMatch on that area every day before going out. It works well.

Feel free to ask questions. I'm going to pay more attention to this site in the future. I'm starting a blog...hoping I can share it on this site at some point.

5-years-post-op - front


5-years-post-op - right side with dermmatch. i probably

Right side with dermmatch. I probably could have put it on a little thicker.

5-years-post-op - left side

Left side

5-years-post-op - front top.

front and top.

5-years-post-op - right side

Right Side