TeamRahal's - Profile page 6 Month

Posted :6/10/2014

Finally at 6 month. I just want to point out something before I start talking about my current pictures. I just want to let you guys know my pre-op pictures in this blog doens't look too bad except for the temples but actually it's pretty bad through out the center. I took some really bad photo at that time. I will post a better pre-op picture in month 12. 
Anyway, how am I doing? I'm doing alright. The two temples are still very sparse and hair line isn't quite there yet. It is now safe to say that I am extremely a slow grower. I see and feel little hair growing out but it feels like it's frozen! Like I said before, I'm not worry about how it's thin now, I'm just worry that my some of the gaps might not fill in. Can it still grow in at this month? Is it even still possible?

I can say that I'm much more happier than pre-op but I definitely still have to wear a hat because I do still feel insecure. Sometimes I apply dermatch and all I can say is.. this product works extremely well and much better than toppik.
I do see a little potential in this HT if everything that I see grows out longer and thicker, Only the right side isn't looking so good =\
Photos look kind of bad cause I use FLASH (gives every little detail) but from a far when you look at me, It's not so bad. BTW, some photos is wet and some is a little dry, I can't remember. I took a few. 
When I zoom in on these pictures, the good news is. I still see new hair popping out, the bad news is.. will it pop out on the non growing area. That is the question. 
I forgot to mention. I went to get a haircut last week and my barbra haven't seen me for about 7 months and she didn't noticed I had a HT and couldn't find the scar.