readyforhair's - Profile page The Decision: Road to FUE and Who?

Posted :3/3/2015

I continued to research FUE and
ended up with a short list of Dr. Lorenzo, Dr. Diep and Dr. Feriduni.  Dr.
Lorenzo is probably the King of FUE in terms of yield and has shown astonishing
results with NW5+ patients (I am probably NW3+).  Dr. Feriduni is not as
well known but his results are nothing short of spectacular and though he
doesn't seem to do as high graft sessions or bald progression, his hairlines
are super super fine and natural. He seemed to be a doc who no matter where you
started no one would ever guess you had an HT.  His reputation for caring
about his patients and the quality of his clinic seemed unrivaled.

Dr. Diep was sort of the maverick of
the bunch, some of the results on his site too are almost too good to be true
and he clearly takes great pride in hairlines. I also skyped him and his
exuberance is infectious as his is dedication to natural hairlines.  Only
two things really swayed me against him; he will only do a single day FUE, not
two, and that really capped me at 2500 (maybe 3000) and again I want to be one
and done. I am sure he could have gotten a great hairline for that # but I
don't want to come back in a year and do this again.  I'd like to see some patient results that
rival his site results but my guess is in 1-2 years Dr. Diep will be mentioned
in the same breath as Dr. Lorenzo, Dr. Feriduni and Dr. Erdogan. 

Dr. Feriduni was next up and his
clinic and reps were fantastic. Like Dr. Rahal and Dr. Diep they recommended
2500 or so for my hairline and midline and another 1500 for my crown. 
Thus 3000-4000 were scheduled over two days.  They were also kind enough,
knowing I was sort of in 'ready mode' due to the cancelled FUT to fit me in on
a cancellation in early May. I went ahead and agreed to that date.  I
started to develop some concerns however about a commitment to 3k vs 4k and I
REALLY want to be one and done. As I've mentioned in other threads and in my
other profile, the last ten years have been a trial and I am finaly seeing the
light at the end of the tunnel and a new life on the horizon and do not want to
spend two years recovering from HTs and living as an ugly duckling. I am ready
for the new life I have worked very hard to build.  This was a hard choice to make as I think Dr.
Feriduni does some of the finest hairlines on the planet.

This led me to researching Dr.
Erdogan. Having heard nothing about him prior, I could only marvel (I mean
MARVEL) at some of his results which looked almost too good to be true. I
figured it might be some good PR by a schlocky clinic, especially was I was
envisioning the pristine Dr. Feriduni clinic in Belgium.  However as I
continued to research I realized how far off I was; Dr. Erdogan's clinic looked
to be truly world class and his process, procedures and technicians second to
none.  I also read some patient histories and spoke to some former
patients to address my biggest concern; how much input does he 'allow' from the
patient and how concerned is he with them and their goals. To a person they
gushed about the time and care he showed them and the attention he paid to
their hairline goals. He also clearly did not mislead any of them, as patients
with a lot of loss made clear he made clear that he would be giving them 'an
illusion' of hair. I had thought his 'perfect results with 4700' statement to
me was just standard marketing fluff but they assured me that they had not
heard that, and that he not only takes the time to find out the patient needs
and develop a reasonable game plan based on their donor and loss, he does so
THE DAY BEFORE which I'd say to any one considering an HT is CRITICAL. Do NOT
allow anyone to not meet you first and then do a consult 15 minutes before you
head into the HT.  You won't be thinking straight (probably having flown
in the night before which again I'd recommend you NOT do, give yourself 2-3
days to unwind and prepare) and it won't give you time to reconsider and IMHO
it won't give the surgeon or techs time to mentally prepare either.

Feruduni to his everlasting credit also offered to do a Skype consult with me
but at that point I believe that Dr. Erdogan had addressed all of my needs and
concerns; YES he could commit to the 4700 (vs 3000), YES his clinic is state of
the art, YES his techs are, YES he has great yield, YES he has great patient
interaction and caring, YES he can allow me to have input on my hairline (he
actually reviewed photoshop mock-ups I did and said they were perfectly
reasonable) and finally the cost was even less then the other options. I found
it hard to make any case to say no and both he and Sevinc, knowing that I was
'ready to rock' and that I'd have to give up a very difficult to say not to
appointment otherwise really seemed to bend over backwards to make me feel
comfortable that they would do everything to meet my needs. Along the way I
also PM'd other recent patients and all of them confirmed everything I thought.
So. I accepted the April 21/22 4700 FUE.