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Posted :3/3/2015

My hair loss is strange; it is definitely more pronounced then it looks, as is clearly evident when wet, yet I get a good illusion of density somehow. I've started to realize I might be better served with midline and crown then I thought. I'd classify myself as a NW3-4 (more 3 forelock and 4 crown).  FYI I am back on Finasteride as of January 4th after being off topicals and meds for a good ten years. I have found my current shampoo regimen has made a huge difference in my hair as well.

For what it is woth I did the 'Golden Ratio' measurement on my face. Basically this say that eyebrow to hairline should be 1/2 the distance of chin to eyebrow, at least according to Fibonacci but what does he know for all we know from his portrait he was bald. Anyway the point is that the very bottom of my widows peak is exactly 'Golden Ratio' meaning I can use that as a starting point without any lowering.



Another front pic, sometimes it looks better from the front depending on lighting and haircut. It gives me hope that a good surgeon could do a lot with what I have...






It's pretty crazy the illusion a relatively little amount of hair can provide, pic left is wet under harsh lights, pic 2 is 10 minutes later blown dry under same lights (yeah I know color is different, so sue me)


Top wet vs dry is even more stark; again this is as harsh lighting as you can get close above my head and wet and brushed back. Brad Pitt might not fare so wel still it is pretty scary how much more loss i have then I thought, also how clearly I have far more up top on right vs left. Yet still, 10 minutes later blown dry same lights...


And sometimes I get away with this illusion. All of this gives me some hope that a decent # of grafts will go a long long way.



Crown. You can't see here but can tell by the others there is break/weak spot in the right front (of this shot, in fact left front in real life)


Some micro shots taken by a (bad) clinic


Front, top brushed fwd, crown, left, right, same clinic


Some donor shots