readyforhair's - Profile page Mock-Ups

Posted :3/6/2015

I used our good friend photoshop to mock-up hairlines I'd love to achieve.

This hairline starts right about where bottom of my current widows peak hairs are and adds temple closure

Again notice temple work

Hairlines and temples

Iron Main Hair. It is really striking to me how even with face covered and 1/2 of one eye showing how just that hairline makes the eye itself look different (to me at least)

Temple points make such a difference!

A guy can dream

A little less perfect but achievable?

Center is me, left is less aggressive filling in of the hairline I drew, right is complete. Again I did some temple work. If only HTs where this easy!!! Note: in this pic my hair looks much fuller than it actually is but I sometimes get that illusion anyway which is what gives me some confidence about HT.

Another mock-up of before/after. My hair looks alot better from the front than it is.