readyforhair's - Profile page HT's I don't love and/or would improve for my own asthetics

Posted :3/6/2015

A controversial section  to be sure but I am in no way disparaging the Drs or patients involved, I'm simply getting a handle on the types of hairlines/results that I don't feel would work for me personally. I know in many cases these are technically superior results and the patients were by and large quite happy. I've done my best to crop or hide distinguishing features since I'm just concentrating on hairlines, so please do not get offended if you find your own work (if you are the Dr) or results (if you are the patient here).I've also in most cases made a photo-shop mock up to the right of what I'd have liked to have seen. Again I understand that either due to donor area or patient preference this was simply impossible. 


I think this would have been well served with temple points but is still a really good result


Likewise some imperfection and recession would have helped IMHO


Temples and a less severe recession would be preferable (again IMHO)


For me too razor straight, I'd have preferred some recession AND some temple points for a good balance since the hairline is so high. I don't see much stying options with this


Again I am not sure if laser projection of hairline is always the best idea. If you look at my section 'What do real hairlines look like?' you'll see that they often do not mirror the curvature of the head concentrically, they often have a 'birds wing' shape curving back down and towards the temples/front.


I wish I could figure out what it is I love about the hairline on the left vs what I do NOT about the one on the right. Both appear to have more or less straight and full hairlines, yet the one on the right is the type that always turns me off to hts. Maybe it is the styling, maybe it is something about the line but I call these 'Sopranos' HTs and (for me at least) are not HTs I want to emulate. On the other hand the one on the left is perfect.