henry_chinaski's - Profile page 5 months

Posted :3/9/2015

I apologize if the pictures don't show up but I had a hard time trying to download last months pics and not sure if they'll download this month.  Things seem to keep trucking along...I have noticed a difference now but it's still not where I want it to be.  I'm more impatient with this HT, maybe because on the first one I was seeing hair grow where there wasn't previously any hair...this time I have some hair but am waiting for the density.  I don't notice much difference but when I look at the pics I can see how far I've come.  I still need to use Dermmatch on a daily basis but I am able to wear my hair like I did before the 2nd procedure.  I've cut my hair to a #3 clip on the sides and back and growing out length on top.  The scar is barely visible at this length.  I will update again at 6 months.