JohnCasper's - Profile page Day 2 (Sept. 11, 2012)

Posted :5/19/2015

On Tuesday morning I was picked up by the Hair Mobile and delivered to Carolina Hair Surgery.
About 9:00am one of the assistants washed and then cut all of my hair off similar to what I would call a military cut.

This is done so Dr. Vories can have a good visual of the donor hair as well as the recipient area.  About 9:30am, Dr.Vories used a medical marker and began drawing lines on my head where he would be moving my hair.

After explaining the process.....he began injecting Lydocaine as a local anesthetic in the area where he would
be working.

There was very little pain with this.

It was sort of like going to the dentist to get a shot of Novocaine.  He used a vibrating machine which helped mask the sticking of the needles and help distribute the medicine to numb my head. The numbing process was very quick and he began extracting the grafts from my donor area with the FUE machine (which is an incredible instrument).  He said I averaged 2 hairs per graft which was a very good ratio.

He continued extracting grafts and I absolutely did not feel anything.  I laid back and listened to some good music from his I-Pad.  He also gave me antibiotics and a small dose of medicine which made me drift off to sleep at times and the entire procedure passed by quickly.