Bertie's - Profile page 2 years hence: Planning a second transplant op with Ron Shapiro

Posted :6/7/2015

I chose to wait for my hair transplant to mature completely before updating this blog. Two years on from my op with Ron Shapiro, I am now planning a second procedure with him, having booked an op. for July 13, 2015. I am posting up photos of my hair taken at monthly intervals from after 6 weeks. The pictures tell their own story, but I do judge the transplant a success and am grateful to Ron Shapiro for improving my hair.

I am pleased that the general thickness in the central area is much better than before my op. However, I am disappointed not to see much improvement at the sides and only a little difference at the crown. I had hoped to have only one transplant. It's quite a thing to have to go through another transplant, but I understand that it's common for patients to have a few transplants before they are happy.

In the pre-op discussion, Ron advised me not to bring the hairline down at the sides, saying that the increased thickness of hair would address my concerns. Had my hair grown thicker at the sides, I may not be considering a second op., but unfortunately the area is still thin. The overall look is much better as I can comb my now thicker hair in a fringe over my thin areas, but this means that I need to keep my hair quite long at the front; a shorter haircut reveals the temple recession which is not flattering to my rather long face.

I also had a consultation with Victor Hasson last November, who offered very helpful advice and suggested a treatment that would involve adding another 2500 to 3000 grafts (including 500 in the crown). I seriously considered Hasson as an alternative to Ron, but eventually decided to stay with Ron for the second op.

Ron says his main concern in the first op was to address the central area and core, and he thought that bringing down the hair at the temples would risk sacrificing density in the central area, leading to a more see-through, unnatural look. He now proposes to bring the temporal hairline forward, to have a slightly less acute angle going back to it and to start the bend a little further out. This will also involve building up the hair a little more in the area right behind this.

I’m having the op at the beginning of my summer break, and as a teacher am lucky to have about 7 weeks before needing to go back to work. But I want to keep this HT a secret, so wonder how I’ll look after the op. I don’t think I’ll need to shave down this time so can comb my fringe down  to hide the work done, but I’m not sure how effective this will be. As my crown will need to be cut short (or shaved?) to have about 500 grafts inserted, it may mean the whole hair will need to be shaved, so I may end up looking like Friar Tuck! Last time I suffered a lot of shock loss, and it took 6 months before I felt OK to go out without a hat. That was tough, and I hope I have a much easier experience this time round.

I’d be interested in anyone’s thoughts, especially those who have had a second transplant with work done mostly at the temples and crown, as I’m about to have.

Week 10, Sept 17th, 2013. Back to school and looking all but bald. What can I tell the kids?

Week 14, Oct 15, 2013. Using loads of Toppik. More Toppik on my head than hair!

Week 18, Nov 12. Some slight thickening.

Week 22, Dec. 9. Definite growth now, thank God! Will it fool the family at Christmas? Yes it did - just. Phew!!

Week 26, Jan 6. 2014

Week 30, Feb 4. 2014

Week 34, March 4. Feeling much happier now.

Week 38, March 31. But concerned at lack of new hair on crown and temples.

Week 42, April 28. Front now OK apart from temples, but still waiting for new hair to grow at crown. Not sure whether transplant a success or not. I'd expected more.

Week 46, May 26

Week 50, June 25

Week 54, July 22. Yes, hair now thicker overall and transplant judged a success, although little difference at the crown and temple areas.

Week 54, July 22, front. Looking good and thick when I comb it down to obscure sides. Hair quality also much thicker overall and healthier looking. Thinking that I made a good decision to have a transplant; a success, albeit a qualified one as crown and temple areas not really improved.

Crown, June 7, 2015. Fast forward a year to 2015. Been taking Rogaine foam and Proscar and thinking my crown area maybe somewhat better, but still wanting to fill in the thin areas: 500 grafts should do it according to Hasson.

Front, fringe down, June 7, 2015.

Crown and side, June 7, 2015

Side, left, June 7, 2015. This is why my only option is to brush my fringe down. Ugly temple recession!

Side, right, June 7, 2015. At least the temple recession is matching, but it's not a good look and seeing this makes me feel justified in going for another transplant, much as though I'd rather not put myself through it all again. Oh well - once more unto the breach I go!