bold-ronin's - Profile page 1 week after

Posted :9/23/2013

Adding some pics taken after a week. The days got better. To my relief no permanent disfigurement of the face (I was seriously worried about that. Was not prepared to see myself at night in the mirror thinking it came out of a horror film). Hairs on grafts still visible. Lost them eventually as many experience. Using Emu oil and Aloe Vera as suggested in Spex book. Some redness still there, flaking and itching.

1 week after - grafts look good. recipient healing...

Grafts look good. Recipient healing... Hopeful

1 week after - a slight worry starts creeping in...

A slight worry starts creeping in... The crown had to be abandoned in the op since graft were mainly implanted in frontal part. Wonder how that crown will look :/