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Posted :11/24/2015

Well, my night was pretty ok. No pain. Just that I was a bit conscious I needed to sleep facing up and a bit inclined. Doc was super nice as were all his team. the surgery was smooth and I slept most of the time. The rest I watched TV. Pretty tranquil lest stiffening as I was sitting for 2 sessions with a 30 min lunch break. I had ordered lunch in the morning and it was huge!. Only managed to eat half of it. The Doc also gave me a pack with all the medications I needed. pain killers, Antibiotics, vitamins, mousse shampoo, sprays, oils and balms. Impressive. The day after I was again picked from the hotel by a friendly taxi driver. he knew what I was there for and it felt less intrusive. Assistant washed my scalp, inspected and sprayed recipient. The Doc saw me. he was happy with the outcome and also explained all the questions I had. I must publicly acknowledge that Dr Feriduni and his team are premier quality in terms of compassion with the patient, realistic explanations and goal setting, and mostly, customer care. Kudos! Doc then carefully backcombed my hair even if the day after the surgery. Pics show the extent of shaving and how he covered it. I will back to work in 7 days. He said I will be able to use Toppik o the donor part to conceal the shave. We shall see. Had I known how 'comfortable' FUE versus FUT is, I would have shaven my whole head and opted for it. However, Dr Feller had told me he would not do it. He only offered me FUT. Why I had not gone to Dr Feriduni in the first place? Well at that time he thought I had too much native hair to risk shock loss. So he did not take me on. Anyways, now its again looking forward to see the outcome. I am trying to avoid mirrors :)

the day after - recipient area some 850 grafts

Recipient area of some 850 grafts

the day after - donor - shave

Donor - shave

the day after - another side shot donor area

Another side shot of donor area

the day after - covered up with length hair

Covered up with the length of hair

the day after - so far so good...indoors going out

So far so good...indoors :) Going out I will need to keep it all there somehow with some fixative spray or gel. Doc said as long as I do not gel the recipient scalp it should be ok. We shall see.