azza786's - Profile page 7 months post op

Posted :1/4/2008

it has been 7 months post op now and i can say there has been a difference. generally, there are most areas that appear thicker whilsst some are still thin. i think there has been a substantial difference pre and post op now.
all proof of this month are attached below.
please have a look.

7 months post op - back


7 months post op - top.


7 months post op - right. substantial improvement.

right. substantial improvement. however, this side as always has been the weaker side. have a look in 'comparisons' to see the change.

7 months post op - left. hair spiked. have look at

left. hair spiked. have a look at the second set of albums under the title 'comparisons' to see the transformation

7 months post op - hairline. close up

hairline. close up

7 months post op - under harsh light top. can see

under harsh light (top). can see it is still a bit thin. but compared to last month, it is better