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Posted :7/13/2017

HT#2 done on 7/12/17 with Dr Blake Bloxham and Alan Feller. I had strip surgery (FUT) not quite 2100 total graphs mostly all in the frontal region. I was hoping to do closer to 3 or 4k however Dr Bloxham felt that he could safely close the incision at that size due to my tight scalp.   I want to add that I did not meet either Dr. (Bloxham or Feller) until the day of surgery and did almost all my research and consult with them online. I could not be happier with the way I was treated at their offices.  Both doctors very personable and knowledgeable.  They took the time to clearly outline every step of the procedure including pre-op, day of, what to expect, post op, care, etc and made sure I was clear on it as well.  Dr Bloxham is very detailed and his commitment to the patient and procedure was very evident throughout. I know I made a great choice.   Additionally, the techs (especially Kathy) were exceptional as well.  Every step was clearly explained in great detail, and they monitored my pain level (almost non-existent) other than the initial numbing of the donor area.  Sitting in a chair for an extended period can be not much fun but they made sure I was comfortable the whole time, ordered me lunch, and were very pleasant in general. 

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In progress #1

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In progress #2

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In progress #3

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In progress #4