tradermike67's - Profile page 1 month post op

Posted :8/12/2017

Today marks 1 month since my procedure.  Some notes of comparison of my 1st and 2nd procedures.  This time staples were used (about 60) I do remember the sutures used the first time became quite annoying after a while and the staples this time were probably a little worse.  By day 10, I was itching so bad that I was practically pulling them out by hand. It was very tight, however, the scar is looking very good at this point, so that's the tradeoff.  It's worth it.Both donor and recipient areas have both been extremely numb for most of the first month. About the same as last time.  My shed came at about the 2-3 week mark. Fast and furious.  One minute you have transplanted hair, and a couple days later it's gone.  Being prepared for this is a huge plus as the shed is a normal part of the process.Probably the biggest difference I noticed so far is this time around, I had almost zero swelling. I remember Dr Bloxham telling me when he was numbing me that the method he was using would cause a lot less swelling and he was right. The first time, I looked like the elephant man during days 3 thru 5.  This time, barely any at all.  That makes it a lot more bearable.  I think the hardest part of all this (aside from paying for it) is the "ugly duckling" stage. Which is now for the next few months. Wearing a hat, hiding out, waiting for your shaved head to hopefully grow back. That said, I have my patience in check and will try to get comfortable for the next few months as I wait for new hair to grow in around the 4 month mark. I do have some prior transplanted hair that I started with, so it will be interesting to see if my "original" hair grows back first (which I'm hoping) and then steadily fills in. We shall see.  I just recently shaved everything down to a #3 to even things out.  I will post some photos periodically along the journey.    

Front view hairline.jpg

Left side scar.jpg

Left side scar_1.jpg

Right side.jpg

Rear view.jpg

Rear 2.jpg

Rear Scar.jpg