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Posted :10/10/2017

From my last FUT surgery back in 2009 in Pakistan with Dr Humayun I had lost more hair naturally and needed corrective surgery again to fill in the bald areas. This would be my 4th Surgery now so running well out of donor hair so had to choose carefully. Since my first surgery in 1996 with DR May in Harley Street in London, UK. Now hair transplant technology has taken big leaps so this time from FUT my plan was to go for FUE which is a lot less painful and better results with no scars.
After 6 months of research online and talking to almost 35 clinics around the globe on whatsapp, my focus turned towards Istanbul, Turkey due to the amount of reviews online. There I did my own research off coarse like always to make sure I make the right choice. I contacted and spoke to many clinics almost 15 - 20 with prices ranging from 1200 Euro's to 3000 Euro's. Most of the doctors were not know internationally and also had no international credentials. Majority of the lower priced were just clinics run by Technicians that do the whole job and the Doctor sells his name and has no involvement in the process. Unfortunately this forum also has very little feedback or reviews about work in Turkey but there are now almost 300 plus clinics offering cheap hair transplants there with excellent results. This is so common there that on my return journey to London at the airport I personally saw 26 people that had surgery done and on the way home.Anyways my choice after extensive research was narrowed down to few doctors. one was Dr Gokhan Gur & Dr Emrah Cinik due to there credentials and being ISHRS members. Finally I choose Dr Cinik as his plus points of being a plastic surgeon and also does the operation himself with his team of technicians and is also on of the only doctors that transplants donor hair from beard and chest area and i was short on donor hair. Most other clinics after seing the same images I have posted here told me 4000-4500 grafts but Dr Cinik was the only one that said 2000-2500 max due to amount of surgeries I had. I found this to be a genuine answer and someone that was being honest with me and being realistic and not trying to sell me his package by promising I will get a head full of hair. His honesty own me over. So from research this is what I found on him. TOP LEVEL PHYSICIAN WITH FULL CREDENTIALSDr.Cinik,  has dedicated his career to hair transplantation.. He received his Micro-graft Hair Transplantation Certificate from the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) in Chicago, allowing him to practice hair transplantation with the FUE technique as early as in 2015. He went to Las Vegas for second time ISRHS meeting in 2016. And  day by day he improve  his hair transplant knowledge's. Each day he go conferences to get new knowledge's, new techniques  about hair transplant.Dr. Cinik is also the inventor and patent owner of a unique FUE micro-motor technique now used by other doctors for hair transplantation.I will give more detail on my choice and update with photo's. Dr Cinik was not the cheapest option in Istanbul but it boils down to the theory of you get what you pay for in life. He is very polite and a true honest gentleman and the whole team was wonderful. The cost was 2100 Euro's and that included all transfers from airport to airport in luxury Mercedes Benz vehicles and 5 Star hotel accommodation for two nights. I do not regret my choice what so ever and for someone that had never been to Turkey in my life they made me feel at home and were in touch all the time via phone or whatsapp.