AMR's - Profile page Operation Video and after Images

Posted :10/12/2017

A short video to show how its done and images after, the first 10-15 minutes of the operation I would say is the worst part as they inject the anaesthetic injections and for someone like me that can not stand the sight of a injection or blood it was not a nice experience but when I timed it in total lasted 10 minutes. So like they say no pain no gain. in and 8 hour operation 10 minutes was OK to bare for what was being done. It took approx four hours to do the removal of donor hair from the back of my head, beard and chest area. Then after that a break for 15 minutes where I was given sandwiches and fruit juice and at same time the staff changed and then Dr Cinik took over again and starting making the openings (insertions) for approx 1-1.30 mins. This part is the most important part of the operation and is really known as the designing of how your hair line will look and the angling of your hair as if not done properly hair will grow at different angles giving unnatural look and terrible results. this is why I choose Dr Cinik as he does this personally and does not leave it to technicians like most of the other clinics in Istanbul. Some of the images might be disturbing as may show blood but it is not as bad as it looks as its was oozing but no pain.

cream supplied to be applied to chest and beard donor area's only