parkaveadman's - Profile page Two Days of Surgery Complete

Posted :3/2/2018

Below is the result of two days in surgery, think it ended up being three sessions per day. 2404 grafts total. The table breaks down the amount of grafts by the number of hairs: single, double, and multiple. As you can see the majority of my grafts were single or double which means my donor area is not so good/dense. I ended up using beard hairs for my scar as they really recommended it since the bear hairs were very good as donars and I only had 1900 from my scalp left (because of the two FUT surgeries) so that's it for my scalp donor area and they should be used for my front and crown area rather than my scar. So we ended up blending 100 from scalp and 500 from beard to cover the scar.