Locke's - Profile page 7 Year Update

Posted :7/30/2018

Very happy with my results after 7 years. My hairline looks like it was back when I was much younger when I style it properly.

There has been loss of the native hair which has revealed how low density hair transplants are but this is the nature of hair transplants and cannot be avoided unfortunately. The magic of hair transplants if layering the hair over itself to give the illusion of density. If I style my hair properly it looks great and no one can tell I've had a hair transplant. Initially when I had it done within the first few months people were looking at me a bit odd b/c they could tell my hairline had changed. Other than that occasionally in the right lighting if I bend my hair down then people will notice my scar but this occurs very rarely.

There are days when I regret having the hair transplant but they are few and far between. When I'm feeling down and I think about the next FUE/FUT surgery I'm going to require or that I'll be on Propecia for the rest of my life which in Canada comes at a cost of $800-900/year although a generic 1mg is now available for much cheaper but since Propecia has been working I'm going to stick with it. I wash my hair with Nizoral in the morning and use Rogaine on the crown at night.

Overall, 100% would do it again and it is one of the best decisions I've made in my life. It completely restored my confidence. I'm in the best shape of my life and feel extremely confident around women.


The right side of my frontal 1/3rd has decreased in density as the native hair has mostly fallen out. As per Dr. Rahal when I had the surgery he said it would be about 50% of the density one would typically expect of a normal hairline which is true. The magic of hair transplant is the illusion of density given when the hair is layered. Which you can see in the later pictures.


I still have the forelock area which is quite dense and has been maintained with Propecia daily.



When I comb the hair over itself it looks quite dense.




The hairline was higher than I thought it should be when I was 23 but now that I'm 30 I can see it looks quite natural for my age and will continue to look natural as I get older. Dr. Rahal was right again!




I usually style it by combing it towards the less dense side which has been working just fine for years. No one can tell I've had a hair transplant.



You can see it looks slightly less dense here but I believe that is mostly due to the lighting.








This is about 1.5 weeks after my hair was cut with a 4. I can get away with using a 3 but the scar is a bit more noticeable so I usually just go with a 4 nowadays and get my hair cut every 2-3 weeks.


No scar seen



The scar is usually more noticeable on the right side of my head for whatever reason but I cannot even see it here.