virgin hairline's - Profile page Pre surgery

Posted :1/23/2008

Having arrived at JFK, I got a cab, it was 70 bucks, expensive I know but with my yahoo door to door map got straight there no hassle. Things got better, as I got an upgrade to an exec room and free box of cookies, thanks to mentioning the feller connection/discount when I booked on line.

Slept well that night, woke earlyish had breakfast and decided to walk to Fellers place to get some fresh air, the route is simple and quick, I believe there is a link on here somewhere. Met the doc around 7.30 in the office and we went over the plan, after showing him some old photos of me we decided to lower the hairline slightly and after he had drawn on my head I realized how bald I had got at the front, its amazing what you get accustomed to over the years. He agreed to leave my existing hair, front middle and work through it to give me the same density as the sides. This must have been tricky,but he really wants the best for you and he is flexible. This was important to me as my down time isnít huge and it will act as a good concealer.

He thought I could benefit from around 2500 grafts to give me back my hairline I have really fine hair and he wanted to dense pack it for a max result, he was aiming for 70fu/cm2 which I think he bettered poss 75+. He is so enthusiastic and excited about HTs and this really gives you a positive vibe and I was raring to go. Met the lovely ladies, was marked out in the donor area and then they got on with the job of injecting. I wasnít looking forward to this, but it was only very slightly uncomfortable, so donít worry about that. Next was the scalp cut, the Dr really took his time here a long thin strip in I think 4 sections (its hard to tell when your head feels like a block of wood) anyway its totally painless, but the crunching sound is weird when the blade goes in. Feller was very pleased with my laxity and the fact that I wasnít an English bleeder, well hadnít had a drink since new year, that wont last. He was exceptionally pleased with the trico closure and took loads of photos.

With the strip being dissected, he numbed my forehead, this was worse than the injections in back of the head but nothing too bad. The artist began placing tiny slits, his concentration was immense and having seen the results he gets, I was so pleased I was under his knife. With that done, he placed the first few singles in the front and then handed over to his expert ladies. Incidentally, I had 30% singles the rest doubles with a few triples. With a few natural breaks and a pizza the job was done by 1530. Dr Feller came in regularly throughout and was enthusing at every opportunity. I was booked in for 2500 but got 2790 - what a bloke!!!!!
Had more pics taken and they do look good, especially when the redness dies and I can use my middle portion for coverage, its a little matted now and looks like a Mohawk. Hell who cares about that, I have done it and I know in a year in will look the business. Thank you Dr Feller, and your excellent team, that hair transplant was a fantastic experience.