virgin hairline's - Profile page 10 days post Op

Posted :2/1/2008

The staples came out after 9 days. They were more difficult to extract than I thought and there was discomfort and a lot of blood. After a day however the staple holes scabbed nicely and the pictures show what an excellent tricho closure Dr Feller performed. The scar is healing nicely and is very thin. The donor area is still tender at the back but the sides are almost back to normal. I still have redness in the recipient area but this is reducing.
The Dr cut become of the forelock prior to implanting the grafts and this gives the impression that I have lost more hair in this area. I have suffered a small amount of shedding to the native hairs here also and below the scar due to mild shock loss. With the use of Nanogen fibres and mane thickening spray I am able to conceal the procedure quite well and have confidence in retuning to work undetected.