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Posted :2/20/2008

Well its been 16 months since my hair transplant with Dr. Feller so thought I would finally post my 1 year results which I had laying around. Eventually I will put my current results up as well as I think it may have improved slightly over the course of 4 months since the one year mark. All in all I am very happy I had a hair transplant.
I can really tell a difference not only looking in the mirror everyday but especially in pictures. Looking at older pictures I did not have nearly the amount of hair I have now on my head. Its quite drastic when you look at random photos of urself.

Yes my crown is still rather thin but the frontal third is quite dense. I use dermatch to thicken the crown but eventually I think I will go again and fill out the crown once and for all. As you will be able to tell I am "styling" my hair in the front differently which gives a fuller effect for the type of hair I have.

I think I will be leaving it this way because not only does it give the appearence of a thicker hairline but it brings my hairline down further!! Sweet! ;) I hope all of you who have viewed my log found it helpful in making an educated decision towards a hairtransplant. Its certainly not for everyone but I am glad I decided to go for it.

1 year post op dr. feller -

1 year post op dr. feller -