SLAPSHOT's - Profile page 2200 w/Dr. Ron Shapiro

Posted :4/23/2006

Here are some photos taken at the Shapiro medical group April 10, 2006. I had ~2200 grafts transplanted from a strip into my front third to get the hairline back I had lost 10 years ago at age 25. Dr. Ron Shapiro performed the surgery and I could not be happier with the experience. From the moment I stepped into the office the morning of surgery to the time I left; I felt completely comfortable and confident in their care. It’s hard to express in words my respect, appreciation and admiration for the SMG and Dr. Ron Shapiro in any way that hasn’t already been expressed by his patients. Everything I had read about him and his group is spot on – integrity, professionalism, a doctor who will not be satisfied unless you are, and one who absolutely loves what he does day in and day out. When you add all that up, you know you’re dealing with one of the best. I know I’m only 14 days post op as I write this, but I do know I’m elated I did it, and have all the confidence in the world that things will turn out just great. If anyone has any questions about my surgery with Dr. Ron Shapiro I’d be more than happy to answer them. Thanks a million SMG!!!