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Posted :4/18/2008

Arrived at Cooley's office, for my hair transplant, at 7am sharp and was greeted by a nice young lady. We went over all of the pre-op stuff and she gave me antibiotics and 20mgs of valium. I then picked out several movies to watch. Dr. Cooley then showed up and got into his scrubs. And so the journey began. The worst part were the shots into the donor area as well as the shots into the eyebrows (there are nerves that connect to the scalp), after that the pain was non existent. We started at about 7:45 and I left at 7pm, so it was a long day. I was scheduled for 2500 grafts but he actually harvested 3139 grafts . I can't say enough about Dr. Cooley and his staff, they were very friendly and professional while also cutting a few jokes.