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Posted :5/4/2008

well im at 11 months post op now and i know for sure now exactly what i will need to address in hair transplant number 2.
as for the progress of this hair transplant, i must say that the coverage has improved...even though its thin...its not still disappointed about the hairline as while it feels thich when touching it, it is extremely see through when seeing it.
i really want to see what the next month is going to bring me as then proper evaluation will take place then.
so to sum up, coverage..6/10, illusion...5/10, density....3/10, style options....2/10...grand total of satisfaction...16/40.
lets see what the next months will bring are the picutures from month 11

11-months-post-op - combed back

combed back

11-months-post-op - combed back attempt...right

combed back attempt...right

11-months-post-op - combed back attempt...hairline

combed back attempt...hairline

combed back attempt...left temple