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Posted :5/12/2008

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to Dr. Jerry Cooley and his staff for the excellent care they provided during my recent hair transplant procedure on 05/08/08.  I had two previous hair transplants by a highly-regarded surgeon in Phoenix in 2002 and 2005.  Although that surgeon did quality work, he in no way compares to Dr. Cooley.  You see, when I began looking for a surgeon to complete the process I began six years ago, I wanted someone who excelled academically, had very positive feedback from this website, and produced outstanding visual results on previous patients.  Dr. Cooley far exceeded all these expectations.  Having had the previous two procedures, I feel I’m in a unique position to evaluate my experience with Dr. Cooley and his team.  Obviously, there are several world-class surgeons listed on the Hair Transplant Network.  So, what is it that separates the average surgeon from someone like Dr. Cooley? 

First, it is work ethic.  Dr. Cooley is a perfectionist.  You want someone who won’t settle for anything but the best possible transplant.  Dr. Cooley transplanted the majority of my grafts himself.  He continued working on me for over an hour after the rest of his staff had left for the day.  Dr. Cooley utilizes the latest techniques and is constantly looking for ways to improve the hair transplant process.  I really believe he will be heavily involved in the research that takes hair transplantation to the next level.

Second, it is ethics in general.  The guy in Phoenix really didn’t care about me as an individual.  I felt like he just went through the motions, made his money, and moved on to the next patient.  In fact, he didn’t even place any of the grafts himself.  Dr. Cooley painstakingly laid out my transplant plan and didn’t stop until he was completely satisfied with the final product.  Although he transplanted several additional grafts beyond our agreement, Dr. Cooley didn’t charge me for the additional work.  It is refreshing to work with someone who is more concerned about customer satisfaction than overall profit margins.

Finally, it’s about the support staff.  Dr. Cooley’s medical assistant, Ailene Russell, made sure all my needs were met before, during, and after my procedure.  From making the hotel reservations to getting the initial prescriptions filled, Ailene made sure the process was painless for me.  In fact, Dr. Cooley’s entire staff was courteous and professional.  Carolina Dermatology is definitely a highly-skilled team.

I don’t normally take the time to express my views on this kind of thing; compliments don’t come lightly by me.   I’m taking the time now so anyone contemplating a hair transplant will think about some of these factors before choosing their surgeon.  Obviously, Dr. Cooley isn’t the only highly-skilled transplant surgeon in the country.  That said, I believe, if you do your research, you will find he is one of the very best.  Hopefully, one day you too can be “Cooleyfied.”  You won’t truly understand what I’m saying here until you experience it for yourself.  The legend lives on…….                 

cooleyfied the legend lives on... - this picture shows

This picture shows Dr. Cooley's mark-up of the left side of my frontal hairline.

cooleyfied the legend lives on... - this picture shows

This picture shows the thinning on the top of my head the morning of the surgery.

cooleyfied the legend lives on... - this picture was

This picture was taken just before surgery. From this view it's hard to see the actual thinning exposed in the other photos.

cooleyfied the legend lives on... - this picture shows

This picture shows Dr. Cooley's mark-up of the frontal hairline.

I look forward to 9-12 months from now when I can upload additional pics to show the final product of Dr. Cooley's 1947 grafts on 05/08/08.  I believe, once all the grafts are in, you will see the quality of Dr. Cooley's work.  Highly recommended.