Crown Royal's - Profile page Day 2 Post Op

Posted :8/3/2008

Here are updated photos for day 2 after hair transplant surgery. Not much different from the immediately after photos. Still red. Starting to itch a bit and tingling in the recipient area, but I have not touched it at all! My donor area was very uncomfortable and tight the first night after surgery, but has become more bearable today and hopefully will only get better until staple removal. The vicodin definitely helps with the pain. I noticed a bit of swelling this morning on my right temple. It is protruding a bit, but hopefully all swelling will subside over the next few days.
Today I get to shower and lightly pour a cup of soap suds on the recipient area and then gently wash off with a cup of water. Also, I can gently cleanse the donor area. Looking forward to doing that later tonight.
Stay tuned for more updates...