Crown Royal's - Profile page Day 3 Post-Op

Posted :8/4/2008

Not much different than day 1 and day 2. This is wet and right out of the shower. Today marked the first day where I was able to gently massage shampoo in the donor area as well as the recipient area, so that was good. I was nervous to touch the recipient area for the first time, but it felt cool. I hadn't felt actual hair up there for a long time now. It just feels like a real short buzz cut. I know I will lose all of those puppies soon, but it is a sign of change already :-)
Both the donor and recipient area feel really good after washing them. However, the recipient area is still a bit red and I'm sure will be like that for awhile. It does seem a bit less red though from day 1 and Day 2 so that is good. Maybe because I had just washed and cleaned the recipient area. The donor area still feels tight and can be slightly painful at times when the pain killers wear off. Can't wait to get these buggers out!
I'll post another update tomorrow...

The area that looks like there is no grafts in the way back is where I actually still have a good amount of hair that the Doc shaved down, so no worries.