Crown Royal's - Profile page Best Pictures Yet - Day 4 Post Op

Posted :8/5/2008

Hey guys,
I say "Best Pictures Yet" in the title because these pics come from Dr. Feller's camera vs. mine. I walked into his office today (4 days after my hair transplant) just to show him my progress and to get a renewed prescription for Vicodin. He was in the middle of a procedure but found the time to meet me in his office, take pictures and write me a prescription. I have been very impressed with how easy going the Doc is and how he genuinely seems to care about your progress and how he took time away from his work right away to talk to me today.
These pics are all from 4 days post-op after a shower where I cleaned both the recipient and donor areas this morning. I am happy with how clean it looks and the red has significantly faded from day 1 and 2.