Crown Royal's - Profile page 6 Days Post Op

Posted :8/7/2008

Hey guys and gals,
I'm Day 6 post op and feeling better each day. I think both the recipient and the donor areas are looking good for only 6 days post op. Swelling and redness has gone down. The only bad part is in the morning when I wake up. By that point the vicodin has worn off that I took before bed and when you first wake up, it feels tight and painful still in the donor area. Recipient feels fine. First thing to do in the morning, is to take a vicodin with some OJ and all is good 20 minutes later :-)
I did notice that I am starting to scab up a bit. After the shower, I noticed little dandruff type spots on top of the grafts. I think this is all part of the process, so all seems good.
So far, I'm happy with how everything looks and feels at only 6 days post op. I head home back to Philly on Tuesday, August 12th, so 5 more days in The Andrew and 4 days til staple removal! :-)
Just wanted to mention that I met "Tubs" today from the forum and he is a very cool guy. He is scheduled for a 4000 graft session tomorrow (Friday) with Dr. Feller. Good luck Tubs! You're in excellent hands