phoneguy's - Profile page 3 month post-op pics

Posted :8/7/2008

Well, really not a lot of action going on these first three months after my hair transplant.  I did experience some shock loss in the donor region due to the surgery.  The major area hit was the left side from the ear down the side.  The bottom and right side of the donor area didn't seem to be affected as much.
At this stage, I feel like everything has stablized and I'm getting ready to start seeing some growth in the next month.  Because I had quite a bit of hair already in the region where the transplant took place, I think it might take a little longer to "see" the full effect of the transplant.  That said, I've included some 3 month post-op pics so you can judge for yourself.  I'll be posting more pics at the 6 month point.  I do believe those pics will show some kick-ass growth.  We'll see. 

Left side 3 months post-op.

Front view 3 months post-op with flash. This is where I'm hoping to get better coverage. You can see the inconsistency in the frontal hairline.

Front view 3 months post-op (no flash)

Right side 3 months post-op.

Top view 3 months post-op (no flash). This one is a little tricky. To look at it, you would think I've experienced significant coverage, compared to the pre-op pic. Remember, the pic Dr. Cooley took just prior to surgery was taken with my hair being sprayed down--totally wet.