Crown Royal's - Profile page Day 7 Post Op

Posted :8/8/2008

Hey guys and gals!
Well, Day 7 since my hair transplant. I've attached more photos again. Just to reiterate, I will post updates everyday until staple removal day (Monday) and then I will update once a month.
As you can see, the scabbing has set in. The redness and swelling seems to have completely disappeared and I am very happy with how everything looks after only 7 days. I just showered and shampooed and massaged the donor and recipient area which helped in removing a lot of the scabs and dandruff from the recipient area.
Right after the shower and drying, I generously applied Aloe Vera to both the recipient and donor areas which felt great. I've been applying Aloe Vera to both the recipient and donor areas since Day 5 Post Op.
For the first time, I also dabbled in witch hazel. I used a cotton swab to lightly swab the recipient and donor area with distilled witch hazel. I've read that this helps with any additional redness and overall healing, so I figured, why not :-)
P.S. - Tubs just came up to my room and his 3500 graft procedure today with Dr. Feller looks excellent! Very clean with alot of ground covered with a great dense pack. I will be tracking Tubs progress and wish him the best! Congrats Mate! We both chose a great Doc :-)