Crown Royal's - Profile page Day 9 Post Op

Posted :8/10/2008

Okay, I am now down the home stretch! I am excited to get my staples out tomorrow. I will make sure to soak the donor beforehand in the shower to minimalize any discomfort. I just took these pics a few minutes ago.
I am still applying heavy amounts of Aloe Vera to both the recipient and donor areas after the shower and it seems to be aiding in my quick healing time. I am really happy with how much it looks healed after only 9 Days. There are still a few scabs up there but do not want to pick at them because I am still cautious about the grafts. Although I think everything is safe now at 9 days.
I will post a few more pics tomorrow to show you the donor after the staple removal then I'll post once a month :-)
Any questions at all, feel free to e-mail or pm me anytime
Adios Tubs, Safe Travels!