Yogi's - Profile page 3 Months

Posted :8/13/2008

Some of the heretofore peach fuzz in the new hairline is turning into visible, natural colored hairs. I can see it in a close up view in the mirror, but my 5mp camera cannot pick them up.
In the native hair region, I feel that "bearded" feeling again. I'm guessing that this is early growth on top where diffuse thinning was at its worst.

The back - notice how the hairs south of my incision are lighter that those up north.

A view from the front

Combed back and damp. If you look hard enough, you might see some of the early growth high in the receding area. I can see it in the mirror.

A dash or two of Toppix..

The good ol' combover without Toppix.

One more shot til month 4!