Crown Royal's - Profile page 1 Month Post Op!

Posted :8/30/2008

Hey guys and gals,
Well, I am just shy of my 1 month since my hair transplant, consisting of 3500 Crown grafts with Dr. Feller. These pics are right after a haircut where my barber used a "3" all the way around my head. I just took a shower as well to wash out all the dermatch. Surprisingly, I've been able to conceal the bald spot and my scar over the last month with a combination of dermatch and toppik. Even with all that concealer, it looks obvious that the crown is alot thinner than the rest of my hair. I just told my girlfriend, friends and co-workers that my friends shaved a bald spot in the back of my head when I was drunk and had fallen asleep. Everyone seems to be buying it.
I definitely do not go out in public looking the way I do in these pics! I just started to get pimples on my crown. The black spots on my crown is just dermatch that didn't completely come out in the shower. I am pleased with how the scar looks after 1 month. It is very noticeable on both sides of my head, where it looks like there may be some shockloss, but straight from the back doesn't look bad.
I'm afraid that I had a lot of shockloss in my crown. I did have some native hair back there and either it is super slow to grow back or it was on it's way out anyway and was lost during the shaving at the surgery. I am really looking forward to month 2 to see how much more the scar will have faded and hopefully I will get some more native hair back for the dermatch to hang on to :-)
More pics to come on October 1st!